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AdrionBAN is an invaluable and high quality network characterized by fully discretion in the frame of which only business proposals that are considered as investment-ready will be channeled. Investment-ready proposals are not only the ideas that are accompanied with a comprehensive business plan but also the cases that meet specific preferences and criteria of their corresponding interested and potential investors – shareholders.

This unique operational framework:
  • Guarantees that only worthwhile and promising prospect investment opportunities will be presented through “pitching” to the Bas. &
  • Maximizes the chances of succeeding a deal which will be profitable and will take into account the mutual preferences and interests of the involved parties.

The network constitutes an effective contact point and an efficient tool of communication among the investors and the entrepreneurs. This structure promotes and develops the evolution of innovative entrepreneurship and is able to enhance and motivate the individual investing activity.

The network shall be structured as follows:
ATLANTIS Consulting S.A. undertakes the task of the network management. The managers of the BAN, Angelos Manglis and Christos Grapsas, are responsible so that the BANs’ environment to function at its highest potential and in accordance with the BANs unique operational framework. This will ensure that BAN services provided are of high quality and added value for BAs and entrepreneurs as well. Business Angels constitute the member of the network and consist of the potential investors that are willing to undertake the role of "Business Angel".

Basic Principals

Aiming to the creation of a high value-added network with the minimum but nonetheless as much as possible simpler managing processes and participation terms, the basic principles of the network are described below:
Compliance with full discretion, confidentiality, and total anonymity regarding any issue related to the BAN’s entrepreneurs and investors. The only exception comprises the case of a meeting arrangement among the concerned members (Entrepreneur – one or more Entrepreneurial Angels).
With the participation acceptance in the network, all parties (ATLANTIS Consulting S.A. as well as the Business Angels) agree to maintain full confidentiality with respect to the information that will be channeled and disseminated for the support of the network purpose.
There is no participants' fee, registration fee or any other cost
The entrepreneurs, who are seeking finance enter into a signed contract and undertake to pay 5% of the funding in the ADRION BAN manager, namely Atlantis Consulting SA.
This is not necessary for companies pitching at Business Angels Forums.

Form of Funding

There are two ways of raising funds:
  • Share Capital Increase (SCI)
  • Convertible Bonds (CBO)
The amount of funding is fluctuated from € 20,000 to € 500,000.

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